Best Small Business Ideas 2022 – Make $500 Per Day Easily

Best Small Business Ideas – Earn $500 a Day
Best Small Business Ideas – Earn $500 a Day

Hello Future Millionaire, welcome to businesstall. Here we will discuss some of the best small business ideas who can make $500 in one day.

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to work 9 to 5 and wants to start your own business journey, then this post is just for you.

But let me be clear, whatever business you start, you are not going to make $500 a day instantly, doing nothing. If it were that easy, everyone would be a millionaire. But without a doubt this post can help you earn 500 dollars a day. If you choose any of the small business ideas that I am going to tell you about here. And work at it constantly. After a couple of years, you will be able to turn it into a source of income that will earn you $500 passively.

Then let’s get started.

Affiliate Marketing: The Best Small Business Ideas
Affiliate Marketing: The Best Small Business Ideas

1- Affiliate Marketing

You may have heard about this business idea several times on youtube and blogs. But do you know that there are some marketers who earn 1 million dollars every year through affiliate marketing business? For example, if you only write better trimmers. You will get thousands of blogs talking about the best trimmers and providing an affiliate link to do so. There is a website called This is a perfect example of an affiliate marketing business. I was looking at their website and found out that they get 10 million visitors per day. If even 1% buy from your link, they will earn millions through it.

Although you cannot compete with them, you can start your own blog and write about specific things and by providing Amazon affiliate links, you can earn a decent amount of money.

Freelancing - Best Small Business Ideas
Freelancing: The Best Small Business Ideas

2- Autonomous work

Learn something valuable and salable through online learning platforms and start offering your services on freelance websites. Give value so you can get recurring customers. To become a successful freelancer, you will master one thing and obviously you will need to provide free services in the initial phase of your business to build a proper profile and trust.

You can learn, search engine marketing, optimization, graphic design, web development or social media marketing. Anything you like.

Business idea based on digital products

3- Sell digital products online

Selling digital products online is one of the most effective and fastest business ideas ways to earn money. You won’t have to worry about stock delivery and cash flow. Everything will be smooth and easy if you have already experienced this field. And even if you don’t know much, you learn it through Google and Youtube. Develop a product that you can sell online. It can be a course, a website theme, apps, diet plans, business plans, online tools, or even your photos and videos.

Forex trading and cryptocurrency business
Forex trading and cryptocurrency business

4- Invest in Forex and Cryptocurrencies

If you want to earn money fast, this option is for you. But the risk is quite high in this business. Although there are different online brokers and apps that can help you trade forex and cryptocurrencies and you can start with as little as $20. Which is not that high. But still, I suggest you learn and get some knowledge before you go into this business. And if you become a successful investor, you can easily become a millionaire through this in a few years.

Okay… That’s all…. These were some of the best business ideas that you can start now to earn 500 to even 1000 dollars every day. But remember that it is not going to happen overnight. You will have to set your goals and constantly work on them to get what you want.

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Best Small Business Ideas – Earn $500 a Day

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