The 15 Best Jobs for Introverts ($5000 Per Month)

The 15 Best Jobs for Introverts (00 Per Month)

The 15 Best Jobs for Introverts (00 Per Month)
The 15 Best Jobs for Introverts

What are the best jobs for introverts? that do not require a person to interact with random people. So that they can live in their own world without feeling uncomfortable or having any mental pressure. Although there are many ways to earn money without a job and some profitable side activities to earn money, some people are still looking for jobs online and offline in a stable company to get a steady salary without facing any hassle.

Being an introvert, doing a regular job facing annoying people from 9 to 5 is really a headache. It is obviously not for you and does not match your interests and behavior. So you shouldn’t waste your time on those things. Rather, you should seek out small business ideas that can make you financially independent. But still if you are looking for some secure jobs to earn money then here I have listed best jobs for introverts which will surely help you.

The 15 Best Jobs for Introverts

The best high-paying jobs for introverts
The best high-paying jobs for introverts

An introverted person is actually looking for a job that earns him money and does not interfere with his personal life. There are more than 30% of people are introverts. And they usually try to adapt to their environment even if they don’t like it. Which is actually not a good thing. And if you want to live a happy life without getting bored at work, you should choose the perfect job for you. A job that can suit your personality and behavior. Here are some ideas for you.

Note: The payment estimate is based on the United States. (Could be different in other regions)

1- writer

Writers always work alone in a quiet and peaceful place. Because it gives them more mental strength to collect their thoughts and analyze the content from different perspectives. And there are different types of writing. You can be a book writer, story writer, online content writer, copywriter, or description writer. And if you choose to write content online, then it is the best way to earn money at home.

There are basically 6 types of writing:

  • Creative writing
  • expository writing
  • descriptive writing
  • technical writing
  • persuasive writing
  • narrative writing

Average monthly payment: $5,267

2- Accounting Manager

Managing a company account is also a very quiet job for introverts, with no noise or public interaction. You can comfortably write financial reports, analyzes and budgets for a company while sitting in your comfortable chair.

Average monthly payment: $6,337

3- Digital marketer

Digital Marketing is a very trendy job. Like all businesses now gaining presence in the online market, they are looking for trained digital marketers who can promote their products and services in the online market. And being an introvert, digital marketing would be the best job for you if you already have some technical knowledge about this field.

Types of Digital Marketing:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • affiliate marketing

Average monthly payment: $4556

4- Creative filmmaker

Another one of the best jobs for introverts is “creative cinema”. Filmmaking is a complex process that includes many things, such as creative ideas, script writing, shooting, sounds, and casting. You will not have to have a large investment. You can even start at a smaller level on Youtube and similar platforms to gain recognition and money as well.

Average monthly payment: $4,350

5- Librarian

What could be better than that? Be alone, read more to improve your knowledge and earn money at the same time. It can be boring for some people, but for an introvert, it’s very easy. And even in your free time, you can also start other side activities to earn money.

Average monthly payment: $4620

6- Cook

If you know how to make a delicious meal and also have some cooking experience, you can apply as a chef in a restaurant kitchen. You may do your work freely there and no one will bother you.

Average monthly payment: $2,500

7- Scientific Researcher

As a research scientist, you will be responsible for collecting data from different experiments and analyzing the information. For this, certain skills like planning, math, problem-solving mindset and an obvious bachelor’s or master’s degree in a specific field will be required.

Average monthly payment: $4400

8- Software Engineer

Software design is a very lucrative way to make money nowadays. If you want to do it as a job in a specific company, they can give you a decent salary. And if you want to do it as your own business, it will open up more opportunities for you. It could be one of the best sources of passive income for you.

Average monthly payment: $6,500

9- Independent worker

If you want to be completely independent, you don’t even want to face a boss, then independent work it’s just for you In freelancing, you are not required to work for a particular person. You will receive orders from different people. And you just have to help them with your services. These services can be anything from programming, graphic design, video editing, content marketing, or copywriting.

Platforms for freelancers:

  • Freelancer
  • Toptal
  • people per hour
  • up work
  • five

Median Monthly Income: $5,267

10- Driver

If you are not that kind of technical person and your studies and experiences are different, but you have a driver’s license, then you can make it a profession. You can easily earn good amount of money working as a driver in Uber and Lyft.

Median Monthly Income: $3,200

11- Photographer

There are many businesses that need photographers who can take pictures of their products and create awesome video ads for them. And if you have photography skills, you can apply for this job. Being an introvert, you may avoid event photography.

Median Monthly Income: $3,800

12- Interior designer

By using your great power of imagination, you can help your clients with amazing interior design ideas and templates. You will need to make a sketch or drawing on how the space will be used and how it will make it look more impressive and spectacular.

Median Monthly Income: $4,266

13- Player

As far as I know, introverts love video games. Because it is the only way for them to entertain themselves being alone. Games not only help you pass the time, but also make you more creative and decisive. And not surprisingly, it can also be a source of money for you. You can be a competitive gamer in esports or you can start your own gaming channel on YouTube. And there is no income limit on youtube. You can even earn millions of dollars monthly like Jacksepticye and Pewdiepie (Youtube Gamers).

14- Trade

Being an introvert gives you more productive time to learn new skills. And trading is the most valuable skill that can make you a millionaire in just a few years. But before taking any step, you need to rethink and get the proper knowledge from a valid source.

15- Web developer

The demand for new web developers is increasing these days. Because every company needs a website to increase its credibility and attract more customers. Now it is important for every business to have a website. and according to Statesman, 804,398 Businesses are registered in the US last year. So you can imagine how much you can earn as a web developer by designing small business websites.

Median Monthly Income: $5,500

The best jobs for introverts (list)

The best jobs for introverts (list)
The best jobs for introverts (list)
  • 1- writer
  • 2- Accounting Manager
  • 3- Digital marketer
  • 4- Creative filmmaker
  • 5- Librarian
  • 6- Cook
  • 7- Scientific Researcher
  • 8- Software engineer
  • 9- Independent worker
  • 10- Driver
  • 11- Photographer
  • 12- Interior designer
  • 13- Player
  • 14- Trade
  • 15- Web developer
The 15 Best Jobs for Introverts
The 15 Best Jobs for Introverts

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